Your wedding is a special day, and we are delighted if you want to celebrate it in church.

We believe that marriage is a gift from God, and so it is good to worship him as you are married.

If you want to book a wedding at Holy Trinity Church, please contact the Rector (01244 372721) to arrange a time to meet to sort that out.  If you live in Blacon, or if you used to live in Blacon, or if your parents or grandparents were connected with Holy Trinity Church, you are eligible to be married at this church.  If you do not live in Blacon, but want to be married at Holy Trinity, and you are not a regular member of the congregation, it may still be possible to be married here – but you will probably need to fill in this form.  Marriage Measure Application Form

What are Banns?  In order to be eligible to marry in church, usually your banns will be read – that happens on three consecutive Sundays (at the 10am service).  We read out your names and ask if anyone has a legal reason why you should not marry.  Then we pray for you – it is a very special part of the preparation for your wedding, and we do urge you to attend the church service at least for that, if at all possible.  If one (or both) of you live outside the parish, we shall have to arrange for your Banns to be read both where your wedding will be, and at the parish where you live.  There is a small fee for the reading of Banns, and the certificate which you will need to take to the priest who will be conducting your wedding.

This is a summary of common hymns people often use at weddings: Popular wedding hymns

There’s lots more information to help you plan your wedding on

What are the fees?  
Wedding fees are set by the national church, and tend to alter slightly in January each year.  
The fees for 2020 are as follows:

Basic service including banns, marriage certificate = £505.00
Extras are then added depending on what you want, for example:
Organist = £75; Use of CD = £40; Church heating = £30; Video = £30

If you need a search of register eg for a passport application please complete this online Marriage Certificate Request form

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