Parish News: December 2020
Articles: Paws for Worship, PCC News, Continuing our Mission in Blacon, Prayers at this time, Holy Trinity's Boiler Bunnies need you, Worshipping Together during Covid, Tidings of Comfort & Joy, Christmas Crib, Growing Good
Open Parish News: December 2020

Parish News: November 2020
Articles: "Remembering and Remembrance" by Revd Tina, "Prayers for use at this time", "Nativity for Blacon", "A Betrayal of Trust", "Advent Reflections", "Blacon Beacon" ... why not become a member?
Open Parish News: November 2020

Parish News: October 2020
Articles: "Wedding Postponed" by Revd Tina, "Blacon Action Team - a story of collaboration", "Blacon Beacon", "Crozier Service", "Thank you Alice", "Harvest Collection", "Who authorised the Bible, anyway?", Shoebox appeal
Open Parish News: October 2020

Parish News: August 2020
Articles: "Being Together" by Revd Tina, "Amazing Grace" by Revd Louise, "Prayers for use at this time" (Church of England), "Mary Sumner - Founder of the Mothers Union", God in the Arts: The Transfiguration - beholding the glory
Open Parish News: August 2020

Parish News: July 2020
Articles: "Whom do we depend on?", "Archbishop lays down his Crozier", "60th Anniversary of Holy Trinity Church", "Healing to the World"
Open Parish News: July 2020

Parish News: June 2020
Articles: "Great is His Faithfulness", "The New Bishop of Chester", "New Archbishop of York", "Continuing our Mission in Blacon", "Living by Faith and not by Sight" by Louise Annison, "The Work of the Church", "Ah let Him in", "Ponderings", "A History of St Chad's Church"
Open Parish News: June 2020

Parish News: May 2020
Articles: "What is God saying to us?", "Musings on the Lockdown", "The Week that changed the World", "Continuing our Mission in Blacon", "Prayers for use at this Time", "My friend died during the lockdown", "Need Food", "Feeding those in Need", "Happy Isolation", "Reflecting on the Lockdown", "Dealing with Loneliness & Isolation - 5 top tips", "Lord hold my hand"
Open Parish News: May 2020

Parish News: April 2020
Articles: "Lockdown", "Why did Jesus die?", "We are not alone", "Guidance on Spiritual Communion and Coronavirus", "An act of Spiritual Communion", "60 years ago", "Notices", "Blind spots - or spotting blindness?", "Further prayers you may with to use"
Open Parish News: April 2020

Where Real Fulfilment Lies (March 2020)
How often do we hear people say they have decided to do something to change their life, because it is what they believe will bring them fulfilment?  The thinking goes, that in order to find true happiness, there is something about each of us that we need to find.  And if we choose things in life which do not ‘fit’ then we will be unhappy.  There is some real truth in that.  But, it is far from being the whole truth. 
Open Where Real Fulfilment Lies  (March 2020)

As I write we are two weeks into our new service pattern. First, a huge thank you to everyone who is getting up half an hour earlier, particularly as we are in the darkest and most miserable time of year. Working on a blank canvas to help design our new 11.30 service has got me thinking – what is worship? When Jesus met the Samaritan woman at the well he told her that ‘true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth’ (John 4:23). Sounds good, but what does worship in spirit and truth look like? Really? Do we have to dance in our underwear like king David (2 Sam 6:14-22)?