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As I write we are two weeks into our new service pattern. First, a huge thank you to everyone who is getting up half an hour earlier, particularly as we are in the darkest and most miserable time of year. Working on a blank canvas to help design our new 11.30 service has got me thinking – what is worship? When Jesus met the Samaritan woman at the well he told her that ‘true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth’ (John 4:23). Sounds good, but what does worship in spirit and truth look like? Really? Do we have to dance in our underwear like king David (2 Sam 6:14-22)?

Receiving what we do not deserve (March 2019)
When my children were little, we had a rewards chart for them pinned to the door of the freezer.  The idea was, every time they did something good (like helping to clear the dinner table, or tidying their toys away) they ‘earned’ a smiley face sticker.  Five stickers meant a little reward, and ten stickers meant a big reward.   Children quickly get to realise that the more good things they do, the quicker they get to ‘earn’ their prize.  Because they are rewarded in proportion to what they deserve... read more.
Open Receiving what we do not deserve (March 2019)

Being Saints (February 2019)
There is a word which originates in the Bible, and which occurs 63 times in the New Testament, and is often used in everyday language today also.  The word is ‘saint’.  It comes into usage especially in the book of Acts [see for example Act 9.3], and is used to described Christians who belong to the early church. [See for example Romans 1.7; 1Corinthians 1.2; Ephesians 1.1; Philippians 1.1].   It is not uncommon for words to have come into common language having originated in the Bible, but rarely has a word been so misunderstood as the word ‘saint’ has.  Read more...
Open Being Saints (February 2019)

Star Gazing (January 2019)
This year the Church of England campaign to advertise the Christmas services held in churches around the country, used the slogan ‘Follow the Star’ #FollowtheStar .  And to connect with this, the Monday craft group helped create a beautiful star which has appeared above the main door to the church.
Open Star Gazing (January 2019)

Most of us enjoy a good celebration, and a birthday is always a good excuse for such a celebration.  We recently held a 5th birthday party for the Community Outreach Project. It was in October 2013 that Sue Mountford first began with us as Outreach Worker, and in the November of that year the Meeting Place café started, with four people attending the first session held in the church hall.  Five years on, and about 100 people attended the celebration event on Monday 12th November. Read more...

WHO ARE YOU? (November 2018)
Imagine you meet somebody for the first time.  What do you say to them about yourself?  Perhaps your name, who you are related to or (and) what you spend your days doing usually?  What are the first things you want to know about them?  .  It is said that we form opinions about people within seconds of the first meeting.   We are used to having all kinds of ideas and expectations in our society.  And when we introduce ourselves to others, we choose how we want to be defined. Read more...
Open WHO ARE YOU? (November 2018)

Who's in Charge? (October 2018)
I write this just after a heady weekend here at Holy Trinity.  The PCC plus several other members of the congregation attended an ‘Awayday’ (held at home – within our own church building) on Saturday 22nd September, which was led by Revd David O’Brien from ReSource, a national charity which exists to support ‘little and local’ parish churches.
Open Who's in Charge? (October 2018)

Prayer for Peace (September 2018)
It was on 4th August 1918 that King George V called a national day of prayer for peace.  One hundred days later, peace came with the Armistice at 11th hour on 11th day of 11th month 1918.  We will be marking 100 years since then on Remembrance Sunday this year.  We will hold a special Remembrance Service with the other churches from Blacon, at the war memorial, at Blacon cemetery  at 10.45am on Sunday 11th November.  But I hope our commemoration will not only be about that one day.
Open Prayer for Peace (September 2018)

The Future in our Hands (August 2018)
We are used to hearing it said that together we are members of Christ’s body, the Church.  But how many of us think that we really are important for the future of the Church?  How many of us believe that what we do (or think, or say) has any bearing on what the Church will be like in years to come, or for future generations?  Thinking of the future, what do you see the Church as being like?  Or more specifically, what do you envisage Holy Trinity Blacon as being like?
Open The Future in our Hands (August 2018)

A New Beginning (July 2018)
The 10am service on 17th June 2018 was a historic one at Holy Trinity. It was our first Eucharist back in the church building after we had left 10 weeks earlier, in order to allow builders to do the alteration work.  Over those weeks, Phil Piercy did the main construction work, and RJ Parry & Sons did the joinery work, and we now have a kitchenette in the south side of the church, the altar has been adjusted and moved towards the nave, with an extension to the old chancel step.
Open A New Beginning (July 2018)

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