Receiving what we do not deserve (March 2019)

When my children were little, we had a rewards chart for them pinned to the door of the freezer.  The idea was, every time they did something good (like helping to clear the dinner table, or tidying their toys away) they ‘earned’ a smiley face sticker.  Five stickers meant a little reward, and ten stickers meant a big reward.   Children quickly get to realise that the more good things they do, the quicker they get to ‘earn’ their prize.  Because they are rewarded in proportion to what they deserve... read more.

Being Saints (February 2019)

There is a word which originates in the Bible, and which occurs 63 times in the New Testament, and is often used in everyday language today also.  The word is ‘saint’.  It comes into usage especially in the book of Acts [see for example Act 9.3], and is used to described Christians who belong to the early church. [See for example Romans 1.7; 1Corinthians 1.2; Ephesians 1.1; Philippians 1.1].   It is not uncommon for words to have come into common language having originated in the Bible, but rarely has a word been so misunderstood as the word ‘saint’ has.  Read more...

Star Gazing (January 2019)

This year the Church of England campaign to advertise the Christmas services held in churches around the country, used the slogan ‘Follow the Star’ #FollowtheStar .  And to connect with this, the Monday craft group helped create a beautiful star which has appeared above the main door to the church.

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