We welcome people who want to have their baby or child Baptised (or Christened) at Holy Trinity Church.

How do I arrange a Baptism?

We usually hold services in the afternoon on a Sunday, by arrangement.  You will need to contact the Rector and you will need to fill out a simple form, giving details of your child’s name(s), the parents and the godparents.

The Rector will also explain to you when you will meet to prepare for it.

Baptism is the beginning of a person’s lifelong journey with God.  When a young child is baptised, the Parents and Godparents say the vows on behalf of the child, and also for themselves.  There are questions they answer to say that they are willing to bring the child up as a member of the church, and also about the Christian faith.  It is important that the answers they give to these questions are about their own faith, as well as the faith they are hoping for the child.

Download information leaflet

How much does it cost?  There is no cost for the service, but because the church does have running costs in order to stay open, we do ask if you can make a donation to help with that.

You will find further information of interest on the Church of England website.

Need a copy of a Baptism Record?
If you were Baptised at Holy Trinity Church, Norris Road, or at the Chapel of the Holy Family on Melbourne Road, and you need a copy of that record, then we may be able to help you. Just fill out this form and submit at the end. Be aware that this is a service for which there is a fee, so by filling in the form you accept responsibility for paying for this.

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