Keep in Touch: 27th September 2020

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27th September 2020

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

We are used to having a rather cynical view of people in the public eye, we jump to conclusions (often not flattering) about their motivations. Our society is so full of the idea that anything we do is for our own benefit, you get what you can for yourself, you seek to do well for yourself, that there is a general assumption that peoples’ motivation is always going to be about ourselves and not others. Not so with Jesus.

Paul says that if you’re in Christ, then your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus. Your whole frame of mind, the way you approach things, should be the same as Christ’s. Not, ‘have a go at being as similar to Christ as you can manage.’ Paul is clear. Your attitude should be the same as Christ’s. We’re not expected to do the same things as Christ did in his ministry – of course not. But, whatever we do, should be with the same attitude.

And that attitude is of self-emptying, selfdenying. Perhaps demonstrated most strongly when Jesus did the job of a slave and washed the disciples’ feet. He empties himself. He chooses to take on the form of and the role of a slave. True servant ministry is invisible. If someone has to have the spotlight on them, then that is not the attitude of a servant. So when we pray for someone, when we visit someone, when we give to those in need, when we give to the church – it should be done in a way that our left hand does not know what the right is doing – it should not be done so as to attract attention to ourselves. The attitude of a slave is to give others what they need, without expecting or requiring anything in return.

Think of what you do in the Lord’s service day by day. And be honest with yourself, are you wanting some sort of pay-back? Some sort of accolade or acknowledgement for what you do? Well if that’s what we seek, that’s not Christ’s servant attitude, which is one of true humility. Humility is thinking of others as better than ourselves. It’s not falsely pretending that we do not have any abilities or good qualities of our own. But it’s looking to others and thinking their needs, their interests are more important.

Jesus emptied himself. Made himself nothing. Took on becoming not only a human being, not only a servant, but a slave. Because being God is not a matter of getting, but of giving. This emptying, or pouring out of himself is like the opposite of what is talked about so much nowadays. Its means never asserting our own rights, but always working for the rights of others.

As a direct result of Jesus humbling and emptying himself, God exalted him, and gave him the name above every name. Jesus shows us how the most certain to win God’s praise, is to serve others. The most certain way of being raised up is to step down. The most certain way of gaining for yourself, is to give yourself up. The most certain way to life, is through death. We have the perfect example of that in Jesus Christ. Let us model our lives, our thoughts, our attitudes on Him.

Tina Upton

Holy Trinity Blacon are the living church of our living God, and we continue to be at work here! If you are able, do check this website or our Facebook page for updates.

SUNDAY WORSHIP We are now meeting at Holy Trinity Church at 9.30am each Sunday. Everyone will need to wear a face covering (unless exempt). If you have a cough or are feeling unwell, please do not come to church. There is a QR code for scanning at the church, if you are using the NHS Covid-19 App.

MINIBUS The minibus will be providing lifts to church on Sunday mornings for those who need them. If you would like to have a lift, please contact the parish office or Tina Upton.

LOUISE ANNISON ORDINATION as priest will be at Chester Cathedral on Saturday 3rd October at 5.00pm. Sadly, due to Covid-19 restrictions, church members will not be able to attend, but the service will be live-streamed on the internet on Sunday 4th at 9.30am Louise will lead us in a special Eucharist, at which we will have a guest preacher, Mrs Denise Noble.

HARVEST THANKSGIVING 2020 On 11th October at 9.30am service we will be focussing on all the good gifts God has given us, and we invite you to donate food which is being collected in aid of the new charity based in our church hall, Blacon Beacon. Please place your donations in the box at the back of church.

JOIN US FOR EVENING PRAYER every Wednesday at 5pm via Zoom. This will continue for the foreseeable future. If you are not on the internet, it is possible to join us over the telephone – please contact us in advance if you would like to do that.

DIGGING INTO THE BIBLE – A group continues to meet on Thursdays at 7.30pm via Zoom. We are about to start looking into the letter to the Philippians. Newcomers are very welcome. If you would like to join us, please contact Tina or Louise who will happily share the link with you.

DAILY HOPE is a free phone line for hymns, prayers and reflections – 0800 804 8044

PRAYING FOR BLACON Louise and Tina are taking our exercise particularly along those streets we are praying for each week. Do join us in praying for those residents. This week we pray for: Exeter Place, Burns Way, Masefield Drive, Aragon Green & Brentwood Road.

OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD If you are putting together shoeboxes for needy children for Christmas, they need to be completed by 9th November. If you are interested, please visit their website. There are also leaflets and boxes available in church.

Charity number 1180853