Keep in Touch: 23rd August 2020

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23rd August 2020

Dear friends,

There have been some alterations in the church hall taking place in recent weeks, and they are almost complete now. A large store has been created on the side of the building, and the parish office has also been enlarged, and (thanks to Colin and Richard) it now painted and after the new floor is laid early next week, will be ready for the furniture to be put back.

God has been very good to us as a church in recent years. We could think about the ways He has provided for our Outreach Project, or God’s provision for the building work in the church, and in the hall. Or we could think about the ways He has worked in our own personal lives, maybe through answering prayer or showing us His grace and mercy in other ways. The reading from Romans reminds us that God works in our different lives in completely different ways. Like different parts of a body have different functions (and personalities), so do we all.
Everything that has been given to us by God, has been freely given as a gift of grace, not anything we ever deserved, but simply because of His goodness. He gave them to us simply because of His love for us. His love which is deeper and wider and longer and higher than anything we can ever get our heads around. His love which surpasses our ability to even think about it. His love which is so great that He sent His Son to die on a cross for us, and to save us from our sins.

That is worth giving God praise and thanks for – aside from anything else He does in our lives, any answered prayers, or good gifts. God answers prayers in so many ways for us - provides food for us, helps us recover from an illness, a treatment in hospital goes without complication, a friend comes to faith….so many ways God addresses our needs and too often we simply get up and go away without so much as glancing back or saying thank you. Let us learn to notice what God is doing, and to say thank you to God for His blessings in our lives. Let us learn not to take His blessings for granted.

We can so often focus on the negatives, things that have gone wrong, or things which are lacking – but for every one negative, there are many more positives. Let us become a church that focusses thankfully on God’s encouragements – let us notice them more, and let us give all the praise and thanks where they are due. This is important not only in order say thank you (and so please God), but also it is for our own benefit, because paying attention to what God is doing in our lives helps us to be more focussed on His perspective on this world.
That way, as Paul reminded the Romans, we become better able to discern God’s will for us and for the world, so we can end up transformed by the renewing of our minds. That will truly be to His praise and glory. Amen.

Tina Upton

READINGS for the 11th Sunday after Trinity (Year A)

  • Isaiah 51:1-6
  • Psalm 138
  • Romans 12:1-8
  • Matthew 16:13-20

Readings available to read online (New Revised Standard Version - NRSV)

Holy Trinity Blacon are the living church of our living God, and we continue to be at work here! If you are able, do check the parish website (especially the Coronavirus Support page) or our Facebook page (holytrinityblacon) for updates. We will put further worship and prayer up there (and on our holytrinityblacon2020 You Tube channel) each Sunday morning by 10am.

JOIN US FOR EVENING PRAYER every Wednesday at 5pm. If you are not on the internet, it is possible to join us over the telephone – please contact us in advance if you would like to do that. DAILY HOPE is a free phone line for hymns, prayers and reflections – 0800 804 8044

FOR THOSE IN NEED Holy Trinity Church Hall is providing emergency food for families and individuals in need at this time. To register for this, please use the form on the front page of our website For more information, please contact 07719960541 or

CHURCH ELECTORAL ROLL Before our Parish Annual meeting in a few weeks’ time, we need to need to revise our Electoral Roll (the list of church members). If you want to check your entry, please contact Linda in the parish office, or else consult the copy in the church hall. Forms for alterations or additions are also available in the church hall.

WORSHIP IN CHURCH will restart 9.30am on Sunday 6th September (with suitable Covid-19 precautions). We had hoped to relay the contents online to those unable to attend, however we need technical assistance to make that possible. If you might be able to help, please contact Tina or Louise.

PRAYING FOR BLACON During lockdown, Louise and Tina are taking our exercise particularly along those streets we are praying for each week. Do join us in praying for those residents. This week we pray for: Hillside Road, Furne Road, Belvedere Drive & Morton Road.

FOR YOUR DIARY On Saturday 3rd October Louise will be ordained priest at the cathedral (with very limited attendance), but there will be a special service more can attend in church 9.30am on Sunday 4th October.