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Members of the Royal Family (June 2018)
At time of writing, many of us are still fondly remembering the Royal Wedding held in Windsor on 19th May. Talk of the wedding dress, or the cake, or the celebrity guests in their finery was overshadowed by an overwhelming sense of joy at the love which overflowing on the day. 
Open Members of the Royal Family (June 2018)

Seeing Things from a Different Angle (May 2018)
Moving furniture round in a room reveals things we might not have noticed before. We may discover something that fell behind a bookcase years ago and we had long since forgotten about.  Or, we notice a picture on the wall in a different way, where before we had walked past barely noticing it, now we see it more, and start looking at it in a different way.
Open Seeing Things from a Different Angle (May 2018)

Pray for Five (April 2018)
When we think about prayer, we want it to be straightforward.  It is no use to us if it is complicated, or so remote that we cannot connect with it.  We also want prayer to be something that we can each of us actually do, every day.  It is no use placing demands on ourselves that are impractical, or out of our range.  And we also yearn for our prayers to be answered – after all, that is why we pray!
Open Pray for Five (April 2018)

If anyone gives up something at Lent, my guess is 90% of the time it is some sort of foodstuff or beverage. This time of year is so often focussed on food.   And maybe that is right, because food is such a problem for us in today’s society.  People eat too much, or the wrong things.  Other people don’t eat enough, or the right things.
Open FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD! (March 2018)

The Truth will set you free (February 2018)
If you go to Langley, Virginia, where the CIA has its headquarters, in that building is a wall with the CIA motto inscribed on it.  That motto comes from the Bible, John 8.32:  ‘And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.’  People who see conspiracies everywhere view this as an important motto for an agency whose role is to uncover hidden truths.  Jesus talks to his followers about truth which breaks people free from sin.  We are all slaves of our failings, which is part of being human.  We all fall short of God’s standards, and if we are to break away from that, and follow the Holy Spirit’s leading in our lives, then we will know what true freedom is.
Open The Truth will set you free (February 2018)

What Growing Church is really about (January 2018)
I have never met anyone who cares about the church, who does not want it to grow.  But there is no point in growing a church by simply increasing the number of people who come here to worship, without it involving people coming with a real Christian faith that would make a difference to their lives, and to the lives of those around them.  Real church growth involves a growth in faith, as well as a growth in numbers.
Open What Growing Church is really about (January 2018)

Our True Identity (December 2017)
Advent Sunday on 3rd December starts a new church year, when the church calendar turns full circle.  Advent is a time of looking forward:  looking forward to God’s arrival to live among us, Jesus coming to earth (Christmas).  This is a celebration of God’s work of salvation for the world, moving on to the crucifixion and resurrection, which we recall around Easter.  
Open Our True Identity (December 2017)

Following Jesus goes in two directions (November 2017)
We talk much about following Jesus as Christians.  So, we rightly focus on the ways He behaved in different situations, and we seek to follow His example.  We focus on how his life was a journey to the cross, and beyond that to the resurrection, and as Christians we recognise that our lives might go along a similar road.  But, apart from simply referring to going Jesus’ way, have you thought about the direction you are going in, as you follow Jesus?
Open Following Jesus goes in two directions (November 2017)

One Small Seed (October 2017)
A little while ago, I found myself walking in the countryside.  I noticed on the grass at the foot of some trees some small, round, green objects.  I picked a few up.  They were too small and round and soft to be like acorns.  They were too large to be like ordinary seeds.  They had clearly fallen off a nearby tree or bush, but I do not have any idea what they came from.  They were so soft and round, that I held one in my hand for quite a while.  As my walk progressed, I looked at it repeatedly. Read more...
Open One Small Seed (October 2017)

Being Church in Blacon (September 2017)
What do you think of when you hear the word ‘Church’?  A building?  A group of people?  Well, the word is used for both.  And when people gather together to be ‘Church’, what do they do?  What does worship look like?  We tend to think of singing hymns, reading the bible, saying prayers, sitting (or standing or kneeling) in pews, with clergy wearing different sort of clothes.  The list goes on and on. 
Open Being Church in Blacon (September 2017)

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