Keep in Touch: 14th June 2020

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14 June 2020

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,

‘Go rather to the lost …’ (Matthew 10.6)

I didn’t last long as ‘a Rep.’ It wasn’t that I disliked driving from place to place meeting new people – far from it. No, it was more the reality that Reps need to know where they are going, and I was continuously lost. I soon realised that my map-reading talents weren’t up to much and that my sense of direction was hopeless! It didn’t take long for my employers to realise that a Rep who was lost for significant periods every working day was too expensive to maintain.

Jesus in today’s gospel reading sees the crowds as ‘harassed and helpless’ – a good phrase to summarise how I often felt on the road. Harassed by yet another timed appointment missed, and helpless because I couldn’t make sense of the directions and there wasn’t anyone around to ask. (Let’s pass over the one occasion when it turned out I was deliberately sent in the wrong direction by a joker!) Being lost is always uncomfortable or worse.
Like so many, I have been restricted to the confines of my own house for the last twelve weeks. Familiarity and habit make that experience the very opposite of being lost. I am absolutely ‘at home.’ And yet, strangely, I find that very repetition of a familiar round of rooms and actions peculiarly disorientating. Other people have told me that they feel surprisingly imprisoned, as though they are under house arrest. They admit that the joys of home are somehow tarnished by the experience. That which was a secure joy in earlier times starts to take on unwelcome associations.

It’s almost as if we have become ‘lost at home’ – a seemingly absurd contradiction, and yet strangely accurate. A tiny glimpse, perhaps, into the world of those who through illnesses like dementia, do experience the once familiar as fearfully strange. Our flinching a matter of imagination rather than the actual, but real enough for all that.
Jesus sends his disciples to the lost. Notice that in the sending he tells them not to go to unfamiliar communities (named as the places of Gentiles and Samaritans). The ‘house of Israel,’ that is the place they think of as ‘home,’ is where they are to offer the reassurance that the ‘kingdom of heaven is near.’ The ‘harassed and helpless’ who look like flustered sheep without any guiding shepherd are ‘us,’ not ‘them.’ The point is reinforced by how many disciples are sent: twelve is the number of the tribes of Israel and these who are sent to the lost are a continuation of that inheritance. And the authority with which they are sent is Jesus’ own.

In this I find great reassurance: here is recognition of our lostness and disorientation; here is news of liberation – the cure that Christ’s authority brings; here is the conviction that the kingdom of heaven remains near, even when we’re lost at home. This is a word for our times as we strive to open what was locked down and to restore our sense of direction.

Christopher Burkett

READINGS for the First Sunday after Trinity (Year A)

Exodus 19.2-8a
Psalm 100 
Romans 5.1-8
Matthew 9.35 - 10.8 [9-23]

Readings available to read online (New Revised Standard Version - NRSV)


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