Sunday 5th July - Worship

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Sunday 5th July

Join Pam, Jim, Su, Sarah and Louise for Bible readings and reflections If anyone is wondering why Louise is trying not to giggle at the start its because I'd...




Playtots online: video no.2
Hope you enjoyed last week's video, here's another one again for your little ones to enjoy. There's also some feedback from our members who were happy to share their activities - see below and have a look at the lovely photos!
Open Playtots online: video no.2

The Bible Course: introduction
Ever wished you knew more about the Bible and the way the Christian story fits together? Holy Trinity is starting a zoom group studying the Bible Course.
Open The Bible Course: introduction

Worship - Sunday 26th April
Join Tina and Clive Upton and other members of Holy Trinity Church for Bible readings, prayers and reflections on the Third Sunday of Easter
Open Worship - Sunday 26th April

Keep in Touch: 26th April 2020
Christopher Burkett
Open Keep in Touch: 26th April 2020

Playtots online
Hello to all our lovely Playtots' Families! We miss seeing you all and having fun together and hope it won't be too long before we can all be together again. In the meantime we thought you might enjoy the video on this page with story, activity and singing to watch and join in with your little ones.
Open Playtots online

Sunday 19th April 2020
Worship with Rob, Su, Lynn and Louise from Holy Trinity
Open Sunday 19th April 2020

Keep in Touch: 19th April 2020
Revd Tina Upton
Open Keep in Touch: 19th April 2020

Easter Day
Join members of Holy Trinity Church as we celebrate Easter together
Open Easter Day

Keep in Touch: 12th April 2020
Revd Louise Annison
Open Keep in Touch: 12th April 2020

Good Friday
Good Friday readings with Tina and Clive Upton at the rectory
Open Good Friday