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First Hand Experience (April 2017)
It is always so much more compelling to experience something first-hand.  Witnessing that goal scored when standing a matter of yards away is much more memorable than seeing it screened on the TV.  Talking face-to-face with a person has more impact than hearing second-hand about a someone’s opinions. 
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God Welcomes All! (March 2017)
It does not matter who you are, or what kind of person other people say you are, God welcomes you!  That is a wonderful, beautiful truth about our God. Read more...
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Being Changed into His Likeness (February 2017)
The last Sunday in February, the Sunday before Ash Wednesday, is traditionally called Quinquagesima, literally meaning ‘fiftieth’, because it is fifty days before Easter.   I love the Collect (special prayer) for that Sunday: ‘Almighty Father, whose Son was revealed in majesty before he suffered death on the cross:  give us grace to perceive his glory, that we may be strengthened to suffer with him and be changed into his likeness, from glory to glory.’
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We Need to Know (January 2017)
I write this at a time of very mixed emotions, we are celebrating the joy of Christmas with many children from local schools – young faces glowing with the excitement about the birth of the baby Jesus.  Their enthusiasm is quite infectious. 
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Building the Future (December 2016)
It seems hard to believe that it was all the way back in March 2015 that PCC first discussed the possibility of alterations within the church, to accommodate the needs of our growing Outreach Project, and to improve our worship space.  Even since those first conversations, the Outreach Project has continued to grow, and to become a major feature of the life of this church and of the community.
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Talking about our Faith (November 2016)
Surveys in this country show that two thirds of people who have no faith know somebody who is a Christian. Most think positively about the Christians they know, and the same surveys show that about 20% (one fifth) of people are open to getting to know Jesus better. Taken together, that means that those of us with faith have quite a responsibility to help bring the non-Christians we know to Jesus.
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A part for each of us (October 2016)
This month will mark a historical event in the life of this parish. At Chester Cathedral, on the afternoon of Saturday 15th October, for the first time ever we shall have a Reader licensed to minister among us. Sarah Dutton writes in this edition of God’s calling on her life, and also more generally about Readers in the Church of England, a ministry which celebrates its 150th anniversary this year.
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Engaging with the Bible (September 2016)
Later this month (15th September at 7.30pm) there will be an important event at the cathedral to launch a year-long initiative for all of us to further develop our Bible reading.
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How Jesus Shaped Are We? (August 2016)
As Christians, we are used to talking about having Christ-like attitudes in our daily lives. But, if we are honest, how much does that really impact what we do as individuals, or as different groups in the church? The PCC is considering adopting the Jesus Shaped People programme for Holy Trinity Church. What does this mean?
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Having Fun (July 2016)
I write this just after our Fun Day held on June 11th, to celebrate the Queen’s birthday (see p16 for pictures). We had a good turnout in spite of the dubious weather, and good fun was had by all, young and old. We organised a variety of activities at the Fun Day, including biscuit decorating and also making a crown (thank you to Lynn Wakefield and Clare Davies for leading those). These were primarily designed to be for the children, but one of the delightful things was to see how adults (old enough to be parents, or even grandparents) also enjoyed taking part.
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